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Wurm im apfel is a poetry organisation based in Dublin.

Wurm was co-founded in Dublin in 2008 by Kit Fryatt and Dylan Harris, with help from Aaron Copeland.  Since 2010 it's been run by Kit Fryatt.  In 2012/13 it took a sabbatical to Scotland.  Events presently on haitus.

Wurm im apfel takes its name from Reinhard Döhl's concrete poem.  Wurm events aim to present unusual, different and experimental poetry in an accessible and welcoming way to audiences here and beyond.  See the upcoming events page for more information.

Thanks to the following supporters:

Anon, Graham Tugwell, Philip Lynch, Billy Ramsell, Anne Tannam, Nicola Bashford, Kate Dempsey, The Hunters' Moon Festival, Sergio Carnevale, Anita Makri, Carrie Etter, Belinda McKeon, Claire Fitch, Elaine Feeney, Peadar O'Donoghue, Michael Corrigan, Sarah Clancy, Maurice Devitt, Aaron Copeland, Simon Cutts and Erica van Horn, Patrick Crotty, Sean Lysaght, Ben Keatinge, Patricia O'Keeffe, Philip Coleman, Maurice Devitt, Alex Runchman, Maria Johnston, Nessa O'Mahony, Elaine Feeney, Susan Lanigan, Lothar Lueken, Aaron Copeland, Dave Lordan, Sarah Maria Griffin, Gill Newton, Séamas Cain

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